Infant Massage is a parent tradition within many ancient cultures that has been re-discovered and adapted to the western world. Massage stimulates growth and healthy development of your baby's body, mind and spirit with positive, lifelong effects! Research confirms the importance of a secure environment and nurturing touch for the healthy growth, development and maturation of children. Numerous other studies have also shown the many developmental benefits of positive contact as part of baby’s early life. Infant Massage is one of the most natural and pleasant methods of providing this early nurturing contact.  With this in mind, if infants are nurtured and cared for, as adults they are assets to the community and are contributing to society through a positive work ethic. This benefits their family, school, community and nation. What exciting results from parents investing just 15 minutes a day!

Benefits of Infant Massage for Baby

* relaxes your baby and helps to decrease stress for you and baby

* relieves discomfort from constipation, gas, and colic

* improves Immune Function

* encourages the Release of Oxytocin, the "Nurturing Hormone"

* helps normalize muscle tone and improve blood circulation

* helps baby sleep better by releasing their stress which builds daily from new experiences...this means more rest for baby and you; everyone feels better!

* stimulates brain development and improves sensory awareness

* babies cry less as the parent is more responsive to babies’ cues

* promotes bonding and attachment with essential one-on-one time that will enhance your intimacy, understanding and ability to nurture.

* improves blood circulation

* aids in digestion

* enhanced development of the nervous system 

* stimulates neurological development

* increases alertness/heightened awareness

* reduces stress hormones

* can aid to increase weight numbers of infants in bottom 25% percentiles

Benefits of Infant Massage for Parents

* caregivers report feeling more comfortable and confident in their ability to care for baby.

* parents learn to understand and respond to baby’s cues.

* empowers and enhances your ability to understand some of your baby's special needs.

* parents learn techniques to soothe and comfort their babies.

* provides an additional avenue for close and nurturing contact.

* massaging your new baby can relieve early parenthood stresses.

* infant massage is one of the most natural and pleasant methods of providing this important early nurturing and an amazing tool for helping parents become closer to their babies.

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