C'Mon Baby! The Birthing Package

The Birthing Package offers assistance during your pregnancy, through the birth event, and availability postpartum. The package includes:

- FREE initial, in-person interview

Once hired as your Doula:

- Available by phone or email to listen to your hopes and concerns and speak with you about any non-medical pregnancy questions. For medical questions your Midwife is always your best resource.

- 1 - 2 prenatal visits, at your home to practice labor & birth pain management techniques. Please note that it is best for you and your partner, or other support person who will be attending the birth event, to join in the practice during this visit.

- BIRTH DAY: I'm in full attendance during your labor & birth to assist in non-medical measures, such as breathing, focus, and pain management.

- Once you are in labor, I will provide continuous emotional & physical support for you (and your partner).

- I remain with you for approximately 1 to 2 hours after the birth event.

- I provide breastfeeding assistance immediately following the birth event.

- On-call, 10am-5pm daily during your pregnancy. (520-320-1917)

- On-call 24/7, phone availability two weeks prior to your due date.

- Use of my lending library of pregnancy, birthing and breastfeeding books, relaxation tapes/CDs and birthing CDs.

- On-call, 24/7 phone availability for five days following birth event.

- One in-home visit within 36 hrs of Baby's arrival to see how things are going. During this time, observing breastfeeding is usually helpful and reassuring for you. Any questions can be reviewed during this visit.

- A brief, written account of the birth experience (at your request).

Note: I strive to have your birth partner as actively involved as they are comfortable with. I do not take on their role during the birth event, but strive to support them, as well as the laboring mother. I will offer suggestions, tips, and show them how to offer comfort and support.

My fees for the Birthing Package

The cost for the Birthing Package, which includes all services listed above is $550.

A deposit of $250 is required with a balance of $300 due within one week after the birth event.

Optional Services

- Infant Massage. See the benefits of Infant Massage under "Resources". First demo is free of charge.

- Prenatal Appointments: I can accompany you to your prenatal appointments with your care provider at any point during your pregnancy upon your request. This service is free of charge for the first prenatal appointment. Each additional appointment is $45.

- Birth Eduation: I can accompany you to our Birth Education classes upon your request. This service is $35 per class session.

- Photography: I would be happy to take pictures during your labor and birth. You will receive a CD with all images for your personal use. This service is $45.

- Additional postpartum pampering is available at $18/hour (3 hour minimum) during the hours of 8 AM - 7 PM and $25/hour (6 hour minimum during the hours of 7 PM and 8 AM).

Postpartum Pampering is often very benificial for both Baby and Mom. It can also be a great relief for you and your family. Having your caring Doula help with continuing comfort measures is deservingly called, "Mothering the Mother". Caring for your new Baby while you nap, shower, eat or just have a knowing Doula in your home, can be a gentle comfort and supportive help as you transition further into parenthood. Helping to swaddle baby....bring baby to you for feedings, burping and changing your baby between feedings .....are just some ways of pampering you!

Gift Certificate are available for all services

Note: Since 2009, many insurance policies allow for Certified Doula care. Inquire with your carrier to determine if your policy covers any of my services.

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