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C'Mon Baby! As a young child, quite a few generations ago, I grew up in a neighborhood of diverse, ethnic, immigrant families, where there were several neighborhood homebirths and women were supported by their mothers, sisters, and friends during pregnancy, labor and birth.

Today, many people in our society have never witnessed a baby being born naturally. In fact, most medical students and Ob/GYNs in the U.S. have never seen a natural, un-medicated, vaginal delivery! Reliance on powerful sedatives and medically assisted births is the norm. But birth is not a medical condition!

I have long been interested in being a Doula. I read, researched, and fell in love with the idea of serving birth. However, instead of pursing that dream, I was encouraged and guided to complete my Masters Degree and follow a 40 year career in another field which was also wonderfully fulfilling.

Eventually, I learned to relax and be still. In the stillness, "serve birth" surfaced once again. This time, I followed the message. And I'm so grateful that I did. Each time I serve at a birth, I'm amazed by the power within a woman to bring forth life and the pure "life-spark" within the newborn.

Today's women are asked to make important decisions during pregnancy, birth and labor that my mother and grandmother never had to consider. In order to help prepare you to work with your care provider to make these decisions, you need to be provided the available information, so that you are aware of your choices and can be confident that you've made the best decisions for you and your baby.

Much like birthing women years ago, you greatly benefit from your body's intuitive knowledge. And while your body's intuitive knowledge will guide you through birth, my job--my joy--is to encourage, support and provide resources to you. Remember, your body and your baby know how to give birth!

I would be honored to join your support team and help you discover your birthing journey, whether it be a midwife-assisted home birth or the free-standing Birth Center here in Tucson (visit our wonderful center: www.tucsonbirthcenter.com ).

Please contact me to talk about my services or to set up a free interview for more in-depth information!

Lorraine Lorr, CD(DONA)


Certified Labor & Birth Doula Services

Tel: 520-320-1917, 11am-5pm, Monday - Friday

Email: doulalorr@yahoo.com

C'Mon Baby! Certifications & Experience

Lamaze Passion for Birth Workshop, 2010

Infant CPR re-certification, 2010

Birth Education Instructor's Assistant, 2007 - 2009

Completed Lactation Study Program in 2008

Tucson Birth & Women's Health Center Volunteer, 2007 - 2008

Member of Doulas of North America since 2007

DONA Birth Doula Training workshop, 2007

Observed 48 Birth Education Classes at Tucson Birth Women's Health Center and Northwest Hospital

Attended in-home births (unmedicated), Birth Center births (unmedicated) and hospital births (including cesarean)

Mentorship with seasoned Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula

Presently learning and practicing Infant Massage

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