Baby Elsa Jo

C'Mon Baby!"I feel so lucky to have had Doula Lorr assist my husband and me in the natural birth of our daughter. We had planned to manage labor on our own, but as busy graduate students we realized about a week before my due date that we had not fully educated and prepared ourselves in labor management techniques. We contacted Lorr, expecting that any doula would be hesitant to work with a couple so close to their due date. But to our pleasant surprise, she was more than happy to work with us. She went well beyond the service we expected by making several trips to our house in that short week we had to prepare. She showed us different pain management techniques we could try when the time came, including teaching my husband and gently guiding him on using these techniques as well. She took the time to really practice with us, and left “props” such as massage oil, fans, etc. with us so that we could utilize the comfort techniques when labor began. She also accompanied me to my last prenatal visit and even called me each evening to ask how I was feeling!

When labor began, I wasn’t convinced it was labor at all because the symptoms pointed to false labor. But after a sleepless night and about 18 hours of “false labor”, I decided we could really use her assistance with pain management. My midwife wanted me to come in to be checked just in case, so we met Lorr at the Birthcenter. To my delight, I was already dilated 5-6 centimeters! Since we weren’t expecting to have to stay when we got checked, Lorr stayed with me while my husband went home to grab our things. During the next approximately 7 hours, she helped apply counterpressure to my hips, suggested alternative positions, made snacks—basically anything we needed. When my daughter was finally born, Lorr helped us get comfortable and even went out to pick us up food. The next day, she came to our house to see how we were doing with settling in, breastfeeding, and everything else. She was truly a vital part of our smooth transition to parenthood!"

- Casey and John T.


Baby Noah

C'Mon Baby!"Having Doula Lorraine, or Lorr as we also call her, at the birth of our son was very comforting. This was my second delivery and my husband's first. Therefore, I wasn't sure if I wanted to have a doula for our son's birth, since I had delivered once before and sort of knew what to expect. Now I'm glad we had Lorraine by our side. She was wonderful! Calm, present, intuitive, nurturing, and helpful when we needed help.

After Noah was born, Lorraine helped take care of me in a way that blew me away.  I remember she brought me tea and some other little snacks, which I appreciated after a long night of labor. Later on, she pulled  a pair of socks out of her doula bag and put them on my feet. I had packed everything for the baby and some clothes for myself, but of course I forgot to pack socks....All in all, a very positive experience! "

- Osa and David L.


Baby Treyce

C'Mon Baby!"I find it to be so refreshing to work with people who are truly passionate about what they do. I can say this about Doula Lorr in every experience we have had with her as our doula throughout pregnancy and post-partum. My birth, however, was extremely "other-worldly," so recalling her influence during that time is very abstract, but still the love I know she has for this whole process had a definite, positive presence. Lorraine's services as a resource with pregnancy, birth and infant education was so helpful for my husband and I.  Being that it is such an emotionally overwhelming time, it was such a relief to know someone with great concern was there to guide us through discussing all the details that we may or may not have even considered. She is extremely thorough, and because of my experience with her, I believe that she has great capacity to bring the sacred depths of the birth process to whole new levels for her clients. "

- Desiree and Travis T.


Baby Dixon

C'Mon Baby!"My husband and I were new to the area when we found out we were expecting our first child. We were concerned that both of our families were hundreds of miles away and we had virtually no support system. When our Midwife asked if we had considered a doula, we immediately dismissed the idea. However, after doing some research and learning more about how a doula supports a family throughout pregnancy, labor, delivery and post-partum, we began to reconsider. We found Doula Lorr and I am so glad that we did! Throughout my pregnancy, she acted as a sounding board, provided useful materials as my due date approached and taught my husband and I pain management techniques for use during labor and delivery. When I went into labor, I drew upon many of the techniques we had practiced with Lorraine. As I had hoped, I was able to give birth in the water and Doula Lorr supported me. She was a calming presence as my labor progressed and I often looked to her to refocus my thoughts as the pushing stage seemingly took forever. Her kind eyes and warming smile helped both my husband and I stay positive throughout our birth experience. We had an amazing birth experience and I am grateful that Doula Lorr was with us, every step of the way."

- Suzie and Kyle H.


Baby Frankie

"Thank you so much for being a positive presence in our lives over the last couple of months. Thank you also for being a fantastic listener. I, for one, have been most grateful for this. What a roller coaster ride this has been! So happy to have found you and shared the welcoming of Frankie with you."

- Rebecca & Scott


Judy Butler, CNM, MSN

"Doula Lorraine is lovely, and has a graceful and warm innate sense of labor and birth...just what a family needs. Lorraine is also lovely to work with."


Lisa Block-Wieser, CNM

"Lorraine works very hard for her client. She was a pleasure to work with and was an asset to the team."


Loree Scheyli, Certified Birth Doula & Certified Postpartum Doula

"Lorraine truly understands the importance of women having the information needed to make their choices in childbirth as well as the importance of being there as promised for her clients...It has been refreshing to witness Lorraine serving her clients above and beyond the call of duty prenatally, at their births and postpartum and to see her represent doulas in such a positive light."

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