This is your birth!

The day your baby is born may be the most important day of their life. Educate yourself, learn your options within your childbirth setting. Childbirth education can make a significant difference in how your labor and delivery process goes, as well as making your transition to parenthood a smoother one. Listed below is a broad overview of the major types of childbirth preparation for your consideration.

Types of Childbirth Classes

"Passion for Birth"

I highly recommend "Passion for Birth" birth education classes for natural birthing moms and also for women who would like to be aware of your many choices and types of hospital interventions. A very fine Lamaze certified, Passion for Birth educator is right here in Tucson!

Loree Scheyli, CD, LMT - for more information about Loree, her experience and her course offerings, visit For Birth and Beyond

"The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth"

Nancy Cappo is a wonderful Bradley Method educator in Tucson. Please visit her website for more information. Yours Naturally

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